Employees - February 2021

Opportunity taken

Carmen shows how it's done - from Girl's Day to a permanent position in the IT Departement

Their goal: To learn more about the processes and structures seen at a global company like Geberit. And also, of course, to start out on a long career at the company. Their contribution: Showing off their skills as part of real-life projects. Our promise: To allow them to develop, gain practical experience and become a full part of everyday life at our company. Our principle: To choose a few, promising interns, and to prepare them in the best possible way for a career at Geberit.

Carmen Matheis explains how visiting an information day and writing her thesis led to the start of her career at Geberit:

«In addition to dual degree programmes and cooperations when writing student theses, internships are important for employee recruitment at Geberit and open the door to a career at the company.»
Patricia Rufer, responsible for personnel development and recruiting at the Geberit Group in Jona

Carmen Matheis, IT intern at Geberit Pfullendorf (DE)
“Geberit made a lasting impression on me at the Girls’ Day 2009. This then led to me completing my practical semester in the Geberit Product Management department, followed by my bachelor’s thesis in Purchasing. I am currently writing my upcoming master’s thesis in the Analytics and Planning Applications department. Good things come in threes, after all.

The openness and warm welcome I received in every department of the company to date really gave me the motivation to continue working with Geberit during each phase of my studies. I always felt that I was a real part of the team and always had the opportunity of making an active contribution to the operating business. Right from the very beginning, I hoped for a permanent position at the company as the development possibilities, international focus and the aforementioned team spirit are all very appealing to me. After being taken on in a permanent capacity, I can now say that all of these efforts and hopes have come to fruition. I am looking forward to continued good cooperation in the team and am excited to find out what the coming years have in store.”