Rolf Kuster, Head of Product Line Flushing Systems in the Geberit sanitary laboratory.
Products - November 2023

Optimal interplay

Geberit WC system

The Geberit WC system impresses thanks to its durability, spare parts availability, rapid installation and easy cleaning. Its real trump card is its outstanding flush performance. Rolf Kuster, Head of Product Line Flushing Systems, about the advantages of the WC system for installers and private customers.

Why did Geberit decide to develop a new WC system?
The interaction between cistern and ceramic appliance was a focal point. Above all, our goals were to achieve as thorough a flush across the entire bowl as possible, optimal flushing-out performance at minimal water volumes, and a slim appliance design.

The WC system helps to reduce water consumption. How does this work?
By further developing the inner geometry of the ceramic appliance, the water is now directed precisely and powerfully from the cistern into the ceramic appliance and converted into an optimum flush without restriction or throttling. The ceramic is usually flushed out cleanly after the first flush, leading to a reduction in water consumption in the toilet.

Moreover, the new valve type 212 in the cistern also allows the flush volume and power to be set easily. Anyone wanting to save water can achieve an outstanding flush performance from just 4 litres by installing the new Acanto WC ceramic appliance.

Which optimisations have been made to the ceramic appliance to enable this outstanding flush performance?
We moved the water outlet on the side of the ceramic appliance further back in order to achieve a slimmer design. This optimisation also improves the flush across the entire bowl. The plastic flush guide also ensures particularly precise water distribution, which cannot be achieved on ceramic flush guides due to their production-related tolerances. An additional leading edge also directs the water centrally into the drain. As a result, toilet paper is flushed away with even small flush volumes.

The flushing performance far exceeds the standard. How closely did the team follow national and international standards when developing the toilet system?
The specifications and standards lay the foundation for what we do at Geberit, but our own demands go well beyond them. During the oversplashing tests, for example, we don’t use the prescribed standard cistern, but instead our most powerful model with the maximum flush volume. As a result, our test criteria are much stricter. In contrast, when measuring the flushing-out performance, we use the relatively weak standard cistern. Basically, we try to test all product characteristics according to the worst-case scenario and then improve them accordingly.

As the project manager, are you satisfied?
Absolutely. With the Geberit WC system, we can offer our customers an aesthetically appealing, powerful and reliable solution at a very attractive price. The entire project team is proud of the top-class end result!

Thanks to its outstanding flushing performance, the Geberit WC system makes a major contribution to the resource-conserving use of drinking water.


The Geberit WC system with the Duofix installation system, the concealed cistern, the Sigma actuator plate and the WC ceramic appliance (e.g. Acanto) is more than the sum of its individual parts. The individual elements achieve their best performance when they work together. The trump cards include:

  • Up to ten times better flushing performance: in the Geberit WC system with the Acanto wall-hung WC, the innovative TurboFlush flush technology with its spiral flush flow unfolds its full power. In combination with the Geberit concealed cistern, the flushing result even exceeds the standard requirement tenfold in individual standard test procedures. See the flushing performance of the Acanto WC in the video below.

  • Water efficiency: The Geberit WC system achieves its optimum flushing performance by combining ceramic with the new type 212 flush valve. The modified flush valve makes a major contribution to the resource-saving use of drinking water. In combination with a suitable ceramic appliance such as the Acanto WC, the Geberit WC system ensures optimum flushing with minimum flush water volumes from four liters for the full volume and from 2.6 liters for the partial volume. In addition, a five-stage throttle is built into the bowl of the type 212 flush valve, which can be used to adjust the flow rate of the flush water.