Geberit FlowFit for the condensation water of the Swisspearl machines – a special choice by the building materials manufacturer from Niederurnen (CH). (Copyright: Seraina Boner)
References - May 2024

Pipe splendour for industrial hall

Swisspearl, Niederurnen (CH)

The company Swisspearl – formerly Eternit – produces building materials for façades. At its headquarters in Niederurnen (CH), Swisspearl has made extensive use of Geberit products for a new factory building. Episodes from the construction site.

Pluvia and Mapress at height
With Geberit Pluvia, a large roof can be drained efficiently. For example, that of the new factory building of Swisspearl in Niederurnen (CH). Only four runs of pipes are required to lead the water over the entire length of the hall of 112 metres to one downpipe each. The pipe dimensions are constantly increasing as more and more water enters the pipe via the Pluvia inlets. Shortly before the downpipe, the diameter is 31.5 cm. It doesn't get any bigger than that. “They have to be able to drain a whopping 235 litres per second here,“ says Jürg Menzi, project manager at Swisspearl – that's the equivalent of about one and a half bathtubs. Flurin Lütschg, plumber at Karl Stüssi Sanitär AG, says: “It's difficult to install pipes of these dimensions at this height.“ This also applies to the Mapress stainless steel pipes. They are used to transport gas, compressed air and cold water to the machinery – in some cases at a height of over six metres. The pipes have a relatively large diameter of 76.1 mm. They are correspondingly heavy. However, pressing makes processing quick and efficient – a clear advantage, especially at this height.

Piping in silver grey
Months later, the hall is in use and some machines are already in production. The east façade is fitted with olive green panels from the company's own range, which contain solar cells. Combined with the panels on the roof, they produce ten per cent of the hall's electricity requirements. Inside, head plumber Karl Stüssi carries out an inspection. The Mapress installation looks clean and aesthetically pleasing. Even the pipes for the condensation water fit into the picture. They are made of matt silver-grey Geberit FlowFit pipes. “Normally, PE pipes would be used here,“ says Swisspearl project manager Jürg Menzi. “But the hall is our business card. Aesthetics play a major role. Black pipes in front of shiny machines would look too prominent.“ Karl Stüssi thanks him for his choice: “With Geberit FlowFit, we are faster than with other systems. That makes a difference in such a large project.“