Sustainability - January 2009

Pomasqui calling

Social project Ecuador

In 2008, the first social project ever to be conducted by Geberit takes place near Quito, where the sanitary conditions are rather precarious. Around 1,000 pupils are to gain a direct profit from the project.

The Colegio Pomasqui is a state school for around 1,000 pupils that is located in the heart of the village of Pomasqui, just north of Quito. Because more and more freshwater reservoirs are melting away with the glaciers and as there are no waste-water treatment plants anywhere in the entire northern part of Ecuador, clean drinking water is one of the greatest challenges facing Quito in the future.

A growing number of pupils
Before the Geberit team arrived, the school had basic sanitary facilities that had long since been unable to meet the needs of the growing number of pupils. Waste water – around ten litres of drinking water per flush – was also flowing untreated into the Monjas River, which years ago was Pomasqui’s main watercourse.

Partnership is key
Geberit worked together with the SEMBRES foundation to implement forward-thinking solutions in the area of sanitary installations. The areas of particular focus included water savings, water reuse and water treatment as well as the construction of an artificial reed bed to purify waste water and protect drinking water resources.