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Geberit Southeast Asia developed two mobile towers that demonstrate the functionality of the Geberit Sovent fittings and the Geberit Pluvia drainage system.

Drainage systems are normally installed cleverly hidden away behind the wall or discreetly attached to the ceiling cladding as non-transparent pipes. There are only very few ways to illustrate how such a system works – one such way is the Geberit drainage tower. However, not all sales companies and customer advisers have access to such an impressive demonstration tool, not by a long shot.

Exemplary and practical
Geberit South East Asia therefore developed two mobile towers that impressively demonstrate the functionality of the Geberit Sovent fittings and the Geberit Pluvia drainage system. Now the sales team can use these towers to train its customers in an even clearer and practically oriented manner. The two structures are designed so that a water supply and electricity are all that’s required to carry out the demonstrations. Furthermore, the wheels on the bottom facilitate easy transport to customer training courses, events and trade fairs.

Real eye-catchers
Transparent pipes were used in order to give the viewer a look behind the wall. For example, the Sovent tower impressively shows how the flow-optimised fitting increases the drainage system’s pipe capacity many times over and thus dispenses with the need to install a parallel ventilation pipe. The Pluvia tower shows how rapidly a pipe fills completely up with water when there is heavy rainfall – thanks to the principle of negative pressure. Inside the pipe, a closed, swift-flowing water column forms that efficiently drains off the water. This is shown in a very impressive and realistic fashion thanks to the transparent pipes.


An asymmetrical kink in the upper section of the Sovent fittings causes the water to rotate, thus creating a continuous column of air in the centre of the pipe that ensures constant pressure compensation, increases the capacity and eliminates the need to install a parallel venting pipe.