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Rendezvous in Barangaroo

Training on building sites down under

Not far from the famous opera house, an intensive exchange of know-how is taking place on Sydney’s mega building sites.

The many plumbers in attendance gather round in a small circle and listen attentively to Matthew Lloyd, who is standing on the tread of a metal ladder with an electrofusion machine in his hand.

A man in demand

Matthew Lloyd is a piping specialist at Geberit Australia. At building sites, he trains plumbers on the electrofusion welding process. His training events are so popular that sometimes up to 50 specialists sign up for a session, where they hang on his every word.

A new skyline for Sydney

With a new skyline currently taking shape in the districts of Barangaroo and Darling Harbour, such sessions are virtually an everyday occurrence in Sydney in 2015. With Matthew Lloyd looking after no fewer than eleven large-scale projects, Geberit is very much in the thick of the action.