References - September 2019

Ship ahoy!

Terminal Helix, Barcelona (ES)

Whenever a cruise ship docks at Barcelona’s Helix terminal, the building – and not least the sanitary facilities – is suddenly a beehive of activity.

In the planning stage of this cruise-ship terminal, great importance was attached to the sanitary facilities’ requiring little maintenance and being easy to clean. Large floor tiles, room-height laminate panels, extra-wide mirrors and long washtops with under-countertop washbasins keep joints to a minimum and ensure that smooth surfaces are the rule here. These surfaces can be kept clean with relatively little effort.

«Our passengers mostly use the sanitary facilities in the terminal before boarding or after disembarking their cruise ship. It is therefore important to us that everything is always clean, tidy and in good condition.»
Eugenio Cañizares, Head of Maintenance at Barcelona Cruise Terminal SLU

When high cleanliness standards are required, wall-hung WCs with concealed cisterns are excellent choices, as are slim, touchless taps. “For sustainability reasons, we opted for urinals with waterless operation and dual flush for the toilets,” says Eugenio Cañizares. “And because the products we installed in all the sanitary facilities were exclusively from Geberit, we only need one contact person for any maintenance and repair work.”

Know-How Installed

The slender washbasin tap Piave is made of chrome-plated brass. One of its special features is that the water is guided from the function box all the way to the tap aerator at the outlet through a reinforced plastic hose. This ensures that the quality of the potable water is not impaired at any point in the tap system.

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