Products - February 2021

Small but effective

Not much space? No problem!

When it comes to the bathroom, many people want more space and added cleanliness. With Geberit ONE, there is a system solution that meets these demands precisely – among many others – even in small bathrooms.

The room dimensions are the same and the programme is identical both before and after the conversion. In other words, the toilet, washplace and shower still all have to find space within the relatively small area of 2.25 by 1.6 metres. But whereas previously it was impossible to banish the chaos, there is now a generous sense of space.

Optimal use of space
These improvements are made possible thanks to the tidy washplace the focal point of the bathroom, among other aspects. The Geberit ONE mirror cabinet is not just integrated into the prewall due to aesthetic reasons, but also due to practical considerations. Thanks to its barely visible projection, it disappears behind the wall. With a depth of just 40 cm, the Geberit ONE washbasin ceramic appliance also takes up minimal space.

Furthermore, the generous amount of storage space on offer in the Geberit ONE washbasin cabinet helps the whole bathroom achieve a real sense of space – despite the small floor plan. Areas such as the fastening of the fittings disappear behind the prewall thanks to clever connections to the Geberit installation technology.

Free areas around the washbasin are useful for easier cleaning of the washplace. Geberit ONE offers the perfect solution here, with the wall-mounted tap and washbasin perfectly coordinated with one another, for example. Areas where limescale can accumulate are therefore thin on the ground.

Extra comfort
The Geberit AquaClean Sela shower toilet and the Sigma50 actuator plate integrated DuoFresh odour extraction module offer further added value.

Design meets function

The comprehensive bathroom concept Geberit ONE combines know-how in sanitary technology behind the wall with design expertise in front of the wall. In this way, the washbasin cabinet becomes an ingenious storage space solution. This is made possible by the modular organisation system in the drawer and by shifting the washbasin trap to the prewall.