Employees - June 2020

Step by Step


Ever since he was young, David Kleiner has known he wanted to make the world a better place to live. Nowadays, he is convinced he is doing just that, working with his team in making customers happy with Geberit products in his role as Head of Private Customer Sales.

“After completing my bachelor’s degree in politics and administrative studies followed by an internship in development cooperation, I asked myself what actually makes the world a better place. This is why I travelled to England and completed a master’s degree in energy and water technology, as I was absolutely convinced that these topics were important for global development. In order to also understand the economic context, I enrolled in a master’s degree in global management at a business school in Antwerp (BE).

I have worked at the Swiss sales company since September 2018. Following a three-month introduction phase at headquarters, I then worked for a year in the field as a customer consultant. The plan was actually to stay in this position for at least a year or two longer. However, the position of Head of Private Customer Sales then became available. This role appealed to me greatly, as it offered me a chance of gaining management experience in familiar surroundings while also getting to know many different sides of marketing and sales.

As a result, I have managed a team of six since January 2020. Our job is to advise and support end users before and after their purchase of Geberit products. A major part of my job is dedicated to evaluating and analysing sales data and customer data. The goal is to draw the right conclusions and optimise our processes. The fact that I am already familiar with the processes in the field is a big help here. What I like about my job in particular is that I work at the point where a lot of departments meet, such as customer service, marketing, the showroom consultants and many more.

In addition to a range of training courses dedicated to sales and products, I have also been able to take part in the in-house Potentials Management Programme at Geberit. I enjoy my current job a great deal, but over the medium term I am also working towards taking the next step on my journey at Geberit.”