Competencies - April 2019


The straightforward flow of materials increases productivity

Geberit invests in the optimisation of processes on an ongoing basis. The Geberit Production System (GPS) – which is used to standardise processes and avoid waste – is the guiding principle here. In the Geberit plant in the Italian city of Gaeta, GPS project engineer Siegfried Locher established a “ceramics supermarket”, which now ensures both clarity and short distances.

The flow of materials within the ceramics plant in Gaeta, southern Italy, was characterised by long distances, half-full pallets and a lack of clarity. A newly established “ceramics supermarket” now remedies this situation. After the quality assurance stage, all ceramics that have been produced without any flaws are transferred directly to this supermarket, where they are clearly sorted. As soon as there are enough ceramic sanitary appliances of the same model and brand to fill up a full pallet, they are taken out of the supermarket and packaged. This results in a highly efficient, straightforward and simply structured flow of materials.

«We have had a great impact with the relatively modest investment in the supermarket. We were able to increase productivity in the packaging area by 20% and reduce the required storage space by a third.»
Siegfried Locher, GPS project engineer