The brand change from Koło to Geberit simplifies all logistical processes.
Markets - October 2023

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Brand change in Poland

Koło becomes Geberit. The largest part of the Polish ceramics brand is being renamed Geberit. What sounds simple is a major project. But the effort is worth it.

For a good year now, the Polish Geberit sales company has been busy with a major project. Eight years after Geberit acquired the Koło ceramic brand as part of the Sanitec group of companies, a large part of the product range previously managed under the Polish brand is becoming Geberit. This is five ceramic ranges including furniture, which account for more than 60% of sales of ceramics and furniture in Poland.

Over 500 exhibitions replaced
Re-branding the ceramics formerly labelled as Koło is only a small part of the work. “It is a major project that has tested and united us as Team Koło,“ says Krzysztof Brzezinski, Head of Marketing & Products. Around 40 people from various disciplines are involved in the brand change, half of them intensively. More than 500 showrooms all over Poland had to be re-equipped, product catalogues and digital configurators had to be set up anew. From packaging and logistical processes to the redesign of the website, which is used by up to 1.5 million customers a year, the project encompasses all areas of work from production to marketing and sales.

Everything from a single source
An effort with added value, finds project manager Krzysztof Brzezinski. “With the brand change, we simplify all processes in the long term. In addition, we offer the solutions “in front of“ and “behind the wall“ from one source, with one brand. In short, we combine the best in bathrooms.“

Watch the video to see the advantages of the brand change.

A strong brand portfolio

With the acquisition of Sanitec in 2015, Geberit acquired around 10 ceramic brands. Two years later, the strategy for harmonising the brand portfolio was adopted. In 2019, the German brand Keramag moved to Geberit, followed by Allia, Pozzi-Ginori and Sphinx in 2020. In 2022, the Colombo brand was removed from the Ukrainian market, and in 2023 a large part of the Koło range was transferred to the Geberit portfolio. Ceramic products in the low price segment still remain under the Polish Koło brand. Geberit's ceramic brand portfolio also still includes the three Scandinavian brands Ifö, Ido and Porsgrund, as well as the British brand Twyford.