Competencies - February 2014

The green plant

A sustainable energy concept for Ruše

The new Geberit plant in the Slovenian town of Ruše is a state-of-the-art and extremely ecological masterpiece, which features sophisticated processes, environmentally friendly materials and an exceptional energy concept that ensure sustainable production.

When it comes to environmentally friendly production, Ruše – the new Geberit plant in Slovenia – is clearly one of the role models of modern times. In March 2014, some of the employees were able to move into their new workplaces and get to know the benefits of the factory building.

Space galore
Following a year of construction, the Slovenian Geberit plant was completed in August 2014. The state-of-the-art factory building has an area of 21,000 m2. If required, it can be enlarged in stages by up to 7,000 m2. 230 employees are involved in the manufacture of Geberit Silent-PP fittings, the assembly of fill and flush valves and the operation of the injection moulding machines used to manufacture exposed cisterns. In addition to production, the spacious plant is also home to offices, training facilities and logistics.

Promising energy concept
Ruše has a meticulously designed energy concept that enables ecologically sound operation. For example, the waste heat from machinery is used to heat the entire building, and the plant operates entirely without fossil fuels. While the ground water is used for cooling, the collected rainwater can be used for the sanitary facilities.