Products - March 2017

Touch it. Love it.

The Geberit shower surface Setaplano

The Geberit shower surface Setaplano is a captivating product from the very first glance – and the very first touch. Made of high-quality solid surface material, it has a surface that not only feels silky-smooth and warm to touch, but is also easy to clean.

Available in a range of sizes, Setaplano has a drain that is positioned discreetly at the side, ensuring that neither the drain nor collecting water get in the way of shower comfort.

Outstanding product material
Unlike metal, glass or even ceramic, solid surface material is both pleasantly warm and silky-smooth to the touch. As a product material that is consistently homogeneous, it is also robust and resistant. Further benefits can be found in its hygienic properties: solid surface material takes very little time or effort to clean.

Sophisticated and perfectly designed
The Geberit shower surface Setaplano is built to be enjoyed for many years to come – thanks to not only its product material, whose non-porous, smooth surface boasts exceptional non-slip properties alongside a sophisticated design.

Design Meets Function

With Setaplano, the critical areas in particular have been designed to ensure they are easy to clean: in the drain area, for example, there are no edges where dirt can collect. Once the cover is taken off, it is simply a matter of removing the practical comb insert and cleaning it as required.

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