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Virtual tour

Virtual training on new products

At Switzerland’s eighth edition of “Geberit On Tour” – which features no fewer than 27 stages – participants are treated to a virtual tour.

In Switzerland, the new products for 2017 are being launched at no fewer than 27 “On Tour” campaign stages. Due to the large number of exhibits, the Swiss team has opted against mobile showrooms – the standard approach used in other countries – and is instead hosting a kind of travelling exhibition.

3D bathroom

At the 2017 edition of the event, Geberit is specifically aiming to draw plumbers’ attention to the Group’s versatile, high-quality product range “in front of the wall”. The same also applies to sanitary engineers and architects, the latter of whom are invited to specialist workshops for the first time. A highly entertaining part of the programme is celebrating its premiere: the virtual tour of a bathroom.