Competencies - November 2016

Window to technology

The Geberit Actuator Plates

For a long time it was the exclusive privilege of actuator plates to present Geberit’s know-how to the outside world – as a permanently visible window to the sanitary technology behind the wall. Their design was significantly shaped by Christoph Behling.

Launched in 2008, the Geberit actuator plate Sigma20 was the first concrete result of the collaboration between Geberit and the London-based designer Christoph Behling. It soon proved to be a success: The model was installed millions of times over and the characteristic rings are now associated by many with the Geberit brand.

A new version of the classic is now being launched. While doing justice to the original design idea, it also sets new accents in a targeted manner. “All the minor changes should be viewed as a gentle evolution of the same theme”, explains Christoph Behling.

Design for the senses
However, there is another result of the collaboration that can certainly be described as revolutionary: Launched in 2011, the Geberit actuator plate Sigma40 was the first product to use DuoFresh technology and enables unpleasant odours to be eliminated at the touch of a button.

Who makes flat plastic?
When creating the Geberit acutator plate Sigma30, which was eventually launched in 2016, the designer was particularly taken by plastic. “It’s incredibly difficult to produce flat plastic that reflects. There are only very few companies that are able to do so.”