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Key data

Geberit share

Share register 31 December 2017

Stock exchange, swiss securities identification number and ticker symbol 
Stock exchangeSIX Swiss Exchange, Zurich
Share indexesSMI, Swiss Market Index
Swiss securities identification number3017040
ISIN codeCH0030170408
Thomson ReutersGEBN.S
Market capitalizationsee "Share information"
Capital, number of shares 
Capital stock (CHF)3 704 142.70
Number of registered shares37 041 427
Par value (CHF)0.10
Registered shares 
Registered shareholders33 096
Registered shares21 183 420
Registered shares in %57.19%
Structure of shareholders of registered shares
According to type of investors 
 48% Institutional
 20% Private
 32% Other
Geographical structure of shareholders55% Switzerland
 17% USA
 6% UK
 22% Other
Total treasury stock391’640
Treasury stock: own shares186’390
Treasury stock: Buyback program 2017/20205’250

Employees, Management and Board of Directors of the Geberit Group together are holding 1.0% of the shares.

Information on significant shareholders can be found on the website of SIX Swiss Exchange Significant Shareholders. Please fill in "Geberit" in the corresponding search field “company”.