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How does a smartphone ensure clean water?

Increased hygiene is not only required where toilets, urinals and taps are often used. When pipes are not used for an extended period, the water in them can also become contaminated with germs. Geberit has innovative solutions to both problems.

Drinking water hygiene can become a serious issue when rooms or entire building sections have not been used for weeks or months on end. At certain temperatures, bacteria can multiply in the unused water supply lines. When these are used again, the bacteria can be released, such as in the shower. With the automatic sanitary flush unit, Geberit has developed a simple yet effective solution. The pipes are periodically rinsed before bacteria multiply to dangerous levels. All without chemicals – and programmed using our smartphone app.

Hygiene, technologically guaranteed

Hygiene is also critical in places where countless people converge each day, such as in public buildings, hospitals, airports and railway stations. Urinal flush controls with IR sensors and the touchless washbasin taps are particularly invaluable here because they make it more difficult for bacteria and other germs to be transferred. In this regard, Geberit combines its expertise in materials technology, surface technology and electronics to constantly develop even better solutions to improve hygiene in sanitary facilities.