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Monkey business in the shower

Zoological and botanical garden, Stuttgart (DE)

The new ape house in Wilhelma in Stuttgart spans 10,000 square metres and was created to offer the bonobos and gorillas a suitable environment in which to play and satisfy their natural urge to be active. The indoor enclosures consist of a concrete structure formed in one piece. As an open green area, the outdoor enclosures form a natural continuation of the green roofscape.

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  • Mapress Stainless Steel piping systems
  • PE piping systems
  • GIS installation systems
  • Duofix elements for wall-hung WCs, barrier-free
  • Duofix elements for washbasins
  • Duofix elements for WCs
  • Electronic urinal flush controls and washbasin taps

Hascher Jehle Architektur, Berlin (DE)