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The Hamburg solution

Java, Arabica, Ceylon, HafenCity, Überseequartier, Hamburg (DE)

HafenCity is a massive new neighbourhood that is being created on approximately 157 hectares in the old harbour district of Hamburg. Here, the Überseequartier was built on dwelling mounds as a protection against flooding. The buildings in the new quarter have a variety of uses and are punctuated by ample boulevards and squares built at different heights, similarly also for flood protection.

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  • PE-HD piping systems
  • Silent-db20 piping systems
  • Duofix installation systems
  • Mepla piping systems

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Q2 Kaffeelager im Überseequartier, Trojan Trojan + Partner Architekten + Städtebauer BDA, Darmstadt (DE), Dietz Joppien Architekten AG, Frankfurt a.M. (DE), project management: Andreas Schuldes, Mathias Schönau