Products - October 2019

A big welcome

The practical trial for Geberit One

Geberit’s innovations are subjected to a series of tests prior to being launched on the market. This also includes a practical trial whenever comprehensive innovations are involved. It goes without saying that Geberit ONE was treated exactly that way.

Several months before Geberit ONE was presented to the public for the first time, independent craftsmen from Austria, Germany and Switzerland were invited to Geberit’s headquarters to install the innovation as part of an extensive practical trial. This trial lasted two weeks – longer than any such trial carried out in the past. However, this is hardly surprising given that the craftsmen had to install more than just one product. Geberit ONE was a different kind of beast altogether – the testers had to examine an entire range of products.

New and yet familiar
After instructions on the construction site, just how many innovative components there are in Geberit ONE quickly became clear. So, was everything uncharted territory? No, the testers were immediately familiar with lots of things. After all, it’s not by chance that Geberit ONE is based on the proven Geberit Duofix and GIS installation systems. Having said that, prior knowledge is not without its pitfalls at times. While the plumber’s intuition is often sound, a look at the installation manual is generally even better. This is particularly the case when dealing with new installation processes – and there are plenty of those with Geberit ONE, be it when fastening the Geberit ONE WC ceramic appliance or connecting the washbasin drain, to name just two examples.

As always, the Geberit specialists who attended the trial were particularly interested in whether these instructions are clearly formulated and offer the plumbers the necessary assistance. During the two weeks, they silently observed the plumbers in action, painstakingly noting down anything that caused problems right off the bat. After all, things also have to go smoothly when carrying out real assignments on site afterwards.

Design Meets Function

Despite having a depth of just 40cm and a width of between 75 and 120cm, the Geberit ONE washbasin cabinets boast an impressive amount of storage space that even dwarfs that offered by conventional models with a standard depth of 48cm. This phenomenal spaciousness is made possible by shifting the washbasin trap to the function box inside the prewall.