References - September 2022

A fairytale castle with shower toilet

Glamping site in Norway

In the forests at the southern tip of Norway stands a small fairytale castle made of wood. You can rent it for a holiday - and try out a shower toilet from Geberit.

Knut Eivind Birkeland likes to think outside the box. He builds holiday accommodation in Norway that you wouldn't expect. Like a tree house or a floating tent. His latest creation is a small forest cabin near the Norwegian town of Lyngdal. He has designed the glamping site as a fairy tale castle.

In any case, this nine-room holiday home is more castle than lumberjack's cabin, even though it is built of wood and is located “in the middle of the forest“, as its builder describes it. “Castle“ means that the interior also meets high standards and is a bit experimental. These demands can be found not least in the bathroom, which is equipped with an AquaClean Mera shower toilet, a CleanLine shower drain and a MyDay washbasin from Geberit.

Geberit makes dream come true
“I'm a dreamer,“ says Knut Eivind Birkeland. “Even though the cabin is in the middle of the forest, I tried to focus on exclusivity and high quality.“ Geberit solutions have helped him achieve this.

Katharina Sølvberg, Head of Marketing at the Geberit sales company in Norway, went to see the fairytale castle for herself. She is delighted with the cottage and the bathroom. “It's very gratifying to see how our bathroom solutions have complemented this creative project in a picturesque setting.“

A playful side
For owner Birkeland, the fact that the cabin is equipped with a shower toilet - just like the project itself - also has a playful side. He is convinced that there are prejudices against toilets with a shower function. “But they dissolve when you test them yourself.“ And so the hut is not only a fairytale castle, but also a shower-toilet test facility.

Know-How Installed

Das Geberit AquaClean Mera mit seinem schwebenden Design ist das meistverkaufte Dusch-WC in Europa und setzt in jeder Hinsicht neue Massstäbe. Das Mera eignet sich für alle, die sich mit der zusätzlichen Portion Wellness verwöhnen wollen. Neben seiner bewährten WhirlSpray-Duschtechnologie und seiner spülrandlosen Keramik mit TurboFlush-Spültechnik trumpft das Mera mit zusätzlichen Komfortfunktionen auf.

AquaClean Mera shower toilet