References - March 2012

A homecoming

Titanic Belfast, Nordirland (UK)

The visitor center of “Titanic Belfast”, which is reminiscent of both a ship and an iceberg due to its pointed, radiant facade, is located on the site, where the art of shipbuilding once reached its pinnacle with the construction of the Titanic.

Four building structures that resemble bows soar into the sky on the site of the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast and are the same height as the bow of the “Titanic”. As a result, the panoramic window on the top floor, where a replica of the legendary Grand Staircase is also located, provides visitors with the exact same view as back in 1911 when the “Titanic” was launched on the slipway. For the facade, the architects used 3,000 aluminum shards that reflect light coming at it from all angles so that it shimmers like an iceberg in the sun.

Across 14,000 square meters spread out over six floors the interactive museum “Titanic Belfast” tells the story of the legendary ship. Visitors are also treated to some historical background, learning more about the social and economic conditions in Belfast in the early 20th century. The architects continued with the ship theme when designing the interior. With a replica of the Grand Staircase, individual cabins and the large atrium the visitors to the museum are sent on an impressive journey through time.

Geberit Know-how

The very special geometry of the roof made water collection a central issue. A suction solution was the first choice of Todd Architects, as the anticipated volume of water was immense. With Geberit Pluvia, roof areas can be drained efficiently and safely even in the case of heavy rainfall.