References - July 2019

A sheltered gem

Wimbledon No.1 Court, London (UK)

No.1 Court in the London district of Wimbledon finally has a roof. The drainage is taken care of by Geberit’s Pluvia roof drainage system.

In 2009, the world-famous Centre Court in Wimbledon was equipped with a retractable roof. Since then, no tennis match in this stadium has had to be postponed because of the weather. Eight years later, No.1 Court also underwent a modernisation. During the course of this project, a roof was installed and the seating capacity was increased from 11,360 to 12,345.

Immediately in action
On 19 May 2019 – two years and around 70 million pounds later – the new retractable roof was inaugurated, with rain during the ceremony ensuring it immediately got to show what it’s made of. Pluvia was given the nod when it came to the roof drainage. The roof drainage system from Geberit ensures that the rainwater is quickly and reliably drained from the roof – even during very heavy rainfall.

Know-How Installed

Like with Centre Court, the tried-and-tested Geberit Pluvia roof drainage system is used at No.1 Court. To ensure that the rainwater can be quickly drained even during a once-in-a-century period of extreme rainfall, a total of 64 roof outlets and around 2,000 metres of piping were installed in the movable roof elements.