Competencies - June 2017

Acoustics and statics under one roof

20 Years of the building technology and acoustics laboratory

20 years have passed since the opening of the Building Technology and Acoustics Laboratory back in October 1997. realistic tests and measurements in the field of statics and acoustics are carried out in this laboratory.

Back in 1997when the Building Technology and Acoustics Laboratory (BTA-Lab) was opened, Geberit already possessed considerable know-how in the building acoustics and statics fields. The fact that the highly sound-insulating drainage system Silent-db20 was launched on the market that very same year proves this. The sound measurements required to develop this system were taken in measuring stations located in small, narrow side rooms in the main building in Rapperswil-Jona. The tests could only be carried out during the night or at weekends, when the manufacturing equipment in the plant was not in use.

«Building this laboratory was a very farsighted investment and played a major role in ensuring that Geberit is today seen as an innovation leader in the field of sanitary technology.»
Oliver Wolff, Head of Building Physics

Acoustically decoupled
As a precautionary measure, the new laboratory building was acoustically decoupled from the surroundings so that neither noise from traffic nor other noises from outside can interfere with the sound measurements. Furthermore, the building was designed in such a way that virtually any spatial modifications can be made at any time. The statics tests and measurements – for which the BTA-Lab is also designed – are unaffected by such environmental factors. Standardised load tests are also carried out in the labs. Indeed, the BTA-Lab employs the latest measurement technology across the board in both acoustics and statics.

«We invest in our measurement technology every year and are state-of-the-art in this regard.»
Oliver Wolff, Head of Building Physics

Geberit Know-how

While the statics tests and measurements focused mainly on Geberit’s installation systems until recently, the load-bearing capacity of washbasin, bidet and WC ceramic appliances is also tested at the BTA Lab today. For this purpose the statics specialists built a new test facility.