Competencies - January 2019

Experiencing expertise

Welcome to the Geberit City of Competences

Users of the Geberit City of Competences experience the expertise with a walk through a virtual city. With the 3D city, it is possible to experience products that meet specific requirements.

Visit our city

Geberit briefly presents its expertise and its know-how in six different buildings. Using virtual 3D models, visitors to the city will see products from the areas of hydraulics, hygiene, sound insulation and fire protection as well as those that relate to sustainability and design. By clicking on the models, the solution is explained in a nutshell and brought to life.

«In the City of Competences, even laypersons will quickly see what Geberit does and what benefits our products offer. In terms of implementation, we opted for a modern programming environment in order to ensure the best possible experience.»
Roman Sidler, Head Corporate Communications & Investor Relations for the Geberit Group

Have fun strolling through the city!

By the way, if the loading times are too long, a simpler version of the city is also available.