Products - March 2014

Feeling of freshness

Geberit DuoFresh

Unpleasant odours in the bathroom? It doesn’t have to be this way. With the DuoFresh odour extraction unit, the unpleasant odours are extracted right at the source – namely in the WC ceramic appliance.

A touch of a button is all it takes to activate the DuoFresh odour extraction unit. It carries out its task as quietly and reliably as a Swiss watch. The sound, which is hardly noticeable, automatically stops once again after around ten minutes.

Hidden functions
The air guide required for the process and a conduit pipe are cleverly hidden behind the wall. They are already pre-mounted in special Geberit GIS and Duofix installation elements. The control and extraction unit, the replaceable active carbon filter and the insert for in-cistern blocks are also cleverly integrated behind the wall. Further, the Sigma40 actuator plate with dual flush, which was designed by Christoph Behling, adds a special touch.

Design Meets Function

It doesn’t take a scientist to explain the odour extraction unit works is easy to explain: The air is extracted directly from the WC ceramic appliance via a conduit pipe, purified in the integrated active carbon filter and then released back into the room virtually noiselessly via the ventilation slots on the sides of the actuator plate.

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