Markets - June 2013

For tough guys

Geberit wins Xaver 2013

The Geberit Challenge – a contest for sanitary professionals – was heralded as an outstanding event, winning the XAVER 2013 prize. The centrally organised event was held in a wide range of markets between 2011 and 2013 with great success.

As in previous years, almost 1,000 plumbers from eight different countries signed up to tackle the “Geberit Challenge” in 2013. Across a total of 16 venues – from Vienna to Oslo and from Helsinki to London – Europe’s plumbers had the chance to show what they were made of.

The “Geberit Challenge” saw participants pair up and take on plumbing tasks and other challenges against the clock, cheered on by their colleagues, friends and fans. Expert judges rated each individual solution before choosing the winning team. The prize for the top performers in each country was a luxury adventure holiday in Dubai.

…before pleasure
The “Geberit Challenge” is more than just a competition for professionals. Each of the 16 events also turned into a huge party for plumbers from all over the world, packed full of exciting entertainment including shows and live music, as well as food and drinks. Whether participants or spectators, everyone who attended the event was guaranteed an unforgettable evening.