Markets - January 2020

Inspired end users

Tips and tricks in the bathroom

When end users are planning a new bathroom and are thinking about the fittings and furnishings, design and other aspects, what exactly are they looking for? The answer is simple – inspirations, ideas and information for meeting all of their various needs in the bathroom.

This is where the Geberit end user campaign “Better bathrooms, better lives” comes in, which focuses on one key question – what makes life in the bathroom easier, more comfortable, more practical or simply more attractive for the user?

Six main requirements
In the “Inspirations” section on the corresponding country websites, end users can find tips and tricks, stories on various topics in the bathroom, and also online tools for helping them to plan their dream bathroom and turn it into reality. The practical functions on various Geberit products are also introduced and explained.

This content is intended to address the personal requirements of potential customers in the bathroom in a targeted fashion. According to studies carried out by Geberit, these requirements are accessibility, optimisation of space, comfort, design, user-friendliness and cleanliness.
For the last of these requirements (cleanliness), the specialist expertise from chemistry forewoman Marianne Krüger comes into play.

Avoiding stains in the bathroom
Normally, Marianne Krüger is tasked with meticulously checking materials and products in the Materials Technology department at company headquarters in Rapperswil-Jona. New web content also saw her make her debut in front of the camera.

Reinforcing the message that Geberit are experts when it comes to stains in the bathroom, she explains in a series of videos how unattractive stains can occur in the bathroom due to mishaps or using cleaning agents incorrectly – and how to prevent them.

The video on stains caused by hair dye and bleach is just one example here.