Employees - March 2022

Master of the unexpected

Careers at Geberit

Marion Glückler started as an apprentice at Geberit. Today, after 15 years, the logistics master is in charge of three departments at the Pfullendorf logistics centre in Germany.

Marion Glückler im Logistikzentrum in Pfullendorf

Her incentive is dealing with the unexpected on a daily basis. “I never know what to expect tomorrow. This keeps my daily work routine always exciting”, Marion Glückler says, laughing merrily. The 31-year-old logistics master has been responsible for three departments at the Pfullendorf logistics centre since autumn 2017: picking, packing and ceramic goods.

The unforeseen, for which one has to look for solutions quickly and spontaneously, is the order of the day here: the preparation of material with fluctuating order quantities and dependence on technical systems and IT; in addition, during the pandemic, dealing with risks of illness in the team and with a simultaneous increase in demand for goods. “Yes, it was an exhausting time”, Marion Glückler looks back on the past two years, “but also a very valuable time. It has challenged us all, but also welded us together as a team.”

“Today, I have arrived professionally where I wanted to be. Such well-being is a great motivation to give everything at work.”
Marion Glückler

Man or woman makes no difference
Although her team is divided equally between men and women, she is the only woman in a management position in operational logistics. Marion Glückler regrets this fact: “It's a pity that only a few women dare to take on such tasks.” Her colleagues have always supported her on her way to becoming a logistics forewoman and in her position today: “In the end, it doesn't matter whether it's a man or a woman; it's the cooperation in the team that counts.”

Marion Glückler in einer Besprechung mit einer Kollegin.
Zusammen mit Kolleginnen und Kollegen Herausforderungen meistern: Marion Glückler und Lucia Spieler in einer Besprechung.

From apprentice to forewoman
Marion Glückler has been working at Geberit since 2007. The then only 16-year-old started her apprenticeship in warehouse logistics, and after graduation she was given a temporary contract as a basic employee. Later, she continued her education until she received her master's degree: “I am very happy that this path was possible with and at Geberit”, she says. “Today, I have arrived professionally where I wanted to be. Such well-being is a great motivation to give everything at work.”

Geberit is also present in private life
Admittedly, Geberit also has a share in Marion Glückler's private happiness. She met her husband when he was a lorry driver transporting material from Givisiez in Switzerland to Pfullendorf. They met in logistics. And although he now works as a machine operator for another company, “Geberit remains a fond memory for him too”, she smiles.