At Geberit in Belgium, you are greeted by an imposing waste water tower. (Copyright: Seraina Boner)
Markets - December 2023

New building creates familiarity

New home for Geberit in Belgium

A huge drainage tower welcomes visitors to the new headquarters of the Geberit sales company in Belgium. Behind it, a whole new world opens up.

The first thing you see is amazement. When visitors enter the new building of the Geberit sales company in Belgium, they are greeted by the imposing drainage tower, supported by matt black metal girders and clad with transparent waste water pipes of all kinds.

When José Wyns entered the building for the first time on one of his first days as the new Managing Director of the sales company around three years ago, there was still nothing there. “It was a bare room.“ Various construction delays had necessitated a challenging revision of the building project. José Wyns put together a local team and brought in Geberit architect Gordon Hoffmann from Langenfeld (DE). Gordon Hoffmann is responsible for the construction management of the Geberit Group and specialises in the planning and implementation of complex construction projects.

Managing Director José Wyns in the showroom in front of a wall of drainage products. (Copyright: Seraina Boner)

The showroom
The furnishings with exhibition walls and entire bathroom installations are quite something. José Wyns says: “We try to appeal to customers through different senses. You can walk through here and be aesthetically inspired, but also delve deep into the technical details.“

The inner courtyard
A green inner courtyard enhances the effect of the exhibition. “It brings light into the whole building,“ says architect Gordon Hoffmann. José Wyns adds: “It doesn't matter whether this light falls on the exhibition, the cafeteria or the office landscape. It makes a big difference.“

The cafeteria
It is somewhat hidden behind the drainage tower, but is nevertheless located in the centre of the room, without partitions. A special feature for Gordon Hoffmann. “It brings people and the Geberit world together. Where else can you have lunch in the middle of the showroom and training area?“

The design of the new building is entirely dedicated to training – two thirds of the space is intended for this purpose. However, the areas are blurred for customers and employees. Everything takes place in the same large space. José Wyns is convinced that this exudes a special charm. “And it creates proximity to our customers.“