Employees - January 2014

Opportunity seized

Many roads lead to Geberit

From a taxi driver to a warehouse supervisor at Geberit: South African Stephen Mokwana certainly has an interesting CV.

Stephen Mokwana knows the streets of Johannesburg like the back of his hand. How can anyone know such a large city so well, you might ask? The reason for his expert knowledge of the City of Gold is regular taxi rides – but not as a passenger. Before joining Geberit, Stephen Mokwana was a taxi driver.

Unexpected change of career
In 2008, an employment agency sent him to Geberit as a substitute driver. He performed his tasks so diligently and quickly that Geberit immediately hired him. Stephen Mokwana is no longer on the road much himself these days. As a warehouse supervisor, he ensures that orders are dispatched on time. The charming South African has found his calling at Geberit, where he plays his part in ensuring that customer satisfaction remains at a high level.