Employees - October 2018

Pulled ashore

Major deal for Geberit International Sales AG

At the end of 2017, Geberit International Sales AG (GISA) signed the supply agreement with Eleftherios Venizelos Athens Airport. What followed is an unparalleled success story. The company was commissioned to equip no fewer than 14 additional airports on Greek islands with Geberit products.

It all began with an invitation to tender from Athens International Airport, whose toilet facilities were showing their age. Because there were no spare parts for the old equipment, only a complete renovation came into question. It was a good thing that, in Klimatechniki, GISA had an exclusive partner in Greece that saw the potential and got in touch with Matthias Biland. Together, they worked out a package featuring clever solutions as well as comprehensive consultation and customer service. The building owners were so impressed by this package that they commissioned them to install a fully functional pilot facility in the airport for test purposes following brief negotiations.

«In my 17 years at Geberit, I have never come across such a comprehensive GISA project.»
Matthias Biland, Regional Sales Manager for Southeast Europe
Matthias Biland, Regional Sales Manager for Southeast Europe

Impressive in continuous operation
The test operation showed that Geberit products can easily cope with the flow of passengers at a busy airport. It was quickly clear that GISA was the right partner for Athens International Airport. By January 2018, no fewer than 122 urinal systems as well as 320 rimfree toilets with corresponding actuator plates and Duofix installation elements and 261 touchless wall-mounted taps had been delivered on time.

Athens international Airport – A door opener
After the products impressed in Athens in real operating conditions, the interest of the airport operator Fraport Greece, which serves a large number of Greek islands, was aroused. A complete renovation of the toilet facilities was planned at a total of 14 airports. Product quality, ability to deliver, spare parts availability and training of plumbers and cleaning staff played a key role when awarding the large contract. GISA met all these requirements. Shortly afterwards, GISA was awarded the contract. The renovation work in the respective airports will be completed by the end of 2019.

«Winning the airport projects was down to teamwork. This would not have been possible without the good cooperation with our partner and my colleagues from sales and logistics.»
Matthias Biland, Regional Sales Manager for Southeast Europe