Employees - July 2019

Trust is key

Field service: The most important link to customers

The Finnish national Jukka Hakanen is hardly ever in the office. As a sales manager, he’s constantly on the road to one of his many customer visits.

“My car is my workplace. Although this may sound odd, it’s quite normal in field service and means I’m on the road to my next assignment quickly. I’ve been working in sales at Geberit since 2011. I started as a sales representative and was later promoted to sales manager for the north-east Finland region.

As I regularly visit my customers, I know them and their needs like the back of my hand – and I know that they trust my expertise. Trust is an important – if not the most important – foundation for good customer loyalty.

In addition to customer visits, I am also responsible for training. When I present the benefits of our piping system Silent-Pro, for example, I always have my presentation case with me. In my experience, it is easier if our customers can hold the product in their hands for themselves.

When a problem arises on the building site, I am often one of the first to hear about it and, of course, also one of the first to try to help. I then check out the situation on site. I am often asked about the possible applications for one of Geberit’s supply systems, the best possible sound insulation or specific installation issues. I can easily answer such questions.

But I also don’t know everything, which is why I am happy that we at Geberit have a large network on hand to help. If in doubt, I simply discuss the issue with a Geberit specialist before I make a recommendation. This is something I greatly appreciate. After all, exchanging views with colleagues is not just something good and important, it also gives me the chance to learn new things.”