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Advice and training are Matthew Lloyd’s forte. The Key Account Manager personally ensures that his customers can always count on his support – even on the building site.

“I actually worked for Geberit in Ireland back in 2006 before I decided to return to my native Australia with the family. Despite the relatively short intermezzo, I never lost sight of the company and its special spirit. And that is why I returned to Geberit in 2014, where I was offered an exciting opportunity as a technical advisor in Sydney. Today, I am responsible for the key accounts in New South Wales.

Geberit is a big player in the pipe sector in Australia. And I was totally taken with one of our products from the outset – Geberit Sovent. The hydraulically optimised fitting is perfect for efficient drainage on high-rise buildings, and they are not exactly a rarity in Australian cities. Since I started working for Geberit Australia I have accompanied around 40 Sovent projects and more than 14,000 installations. And Geberit SuperTube, the extension of Sovent, is a hit in sales here too. I am currently heading up eleven projects and am helping with seven other complex building projects.

«As Key Account Manager, I am on hand to use my experience to help my customers through the entire planning and installation process.»

These figures bear witness to a central aspect of my work. Because as a Key Account Manager I really have a lot of persuading of general contractors to do in advance, particularly when it comes to acquiring a project contract. I take Geberit into Australian high-rise buildings, hotels, hospitals and lots of other building types as it were. And it makes me proud when I can see it is working well.

But that’s not all, not by a long shot. I train our customers in handling Geberit products and support them on building sites in and around Sydney. And there is very definitely a positive side effect to my work – a sound professional network. I have been able to build an incredible number of great relationships within the industry. Decision-makers already know me or they have certainly heard my name before. They rely on my expertise and know that Geberit only deals in quality goods – a major advantage which is worth its weight in gold when you are negotiating with the customer.”